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The Portfolio Management team caters to the needs of high net worth individuals and institutional investors by managing and monitoring their investment portfolios. The portfolio managers focus on developing optimal asset allocation strategies for our clients as well as preparing and managing investment portfolios while adopting a risk and return optimizing framework. 


Our team strongly believes in flexibility and adoptability, which allows us to quickly adapt to the ever changing economic environment and rebalance our portfolios accordingly. This enables us to appropriately take advantage of any market anomalies and hedging opportunities that may arise.


The Portfolio Management team at Awraq Investments continuously strive to minimize the risk associated with our Client's desired rate of return as set out in the Investment Policy Guidelines, while at the same time maximize the return associated with the customer's risk tolerance level.


In our efforts to offer superior portfolio management services to our clients, we perform research and analysis of the economic situation across the markets under our coverage through a combined top-down and bottom up approach. Correlation analysis and portfolio optimization are tools that are frequently utilized in the risk management and performance attribution of our client’s portfolios.