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AWRAQ Investments – a Solid Base for Confident Investments

Awraq Investments was incorporated in 1992 and has evolved into one of the premier investment companies in Jordan. The Company emerged from Cairo Amman Bank and is managed by experienced and highly qualified investment managers. We offer our clients a wide spectrum of investment services and the solid support from our shareholder ensures the stability and security that enables us, as well as our clients, to make confident investments.

At Awraq, we strongly believe in putting the interest of our clients and our shareholder first and we strive to foster a creative, dynamic and entrepreneurial culture allowing us to deliver innovative and pioneering solutions to our customers. We aim to maintain the highest ethical standards in everything we do so that our clients can feel confident in making Awraq Investments their preferred choice for their investment needs.

Company Profile

a Solid Base for Confident Investments

AWRAQ Investments, the investment arm of Cairo Amman Bank, is licensed by the Jordan Securities Commission (JSC) to perform as a financial broker in Local Market and International Markets ( License No 3/1 /00507/18) in addition to Asset Management and is one of Jordan's leading investment companies. Since its inception in 1992, Awraq Investments has effectively provided investment solutions and brokerage services to its diverse client base consisting of retail, institutional as well as high net worth individuals. Awraq Investments combines international best practice with local and regional expertise and creates investment opportunities for investors aiming to invest locally, regionally as well as internationally. We offer our clients superior services through our four business lines: brokerage services on the local, regional and international level, asset management and advisory services, corporate finance as well as research. Our business philosophy is to build long lasting and distinguished relationships with our clients, business partners and staff, based on professionalism and integrity, resulting in superior returns to the parties involved. The company has a renowned history of innovation, corporate governance and dedicated client service. Awraq Investments strength stems from a team of 20 professionals that boasts in depth knowledge with local and international experience. We are committed to building and developing local talent – this is one of our core values and the most essential ingredient of our success.

Our Vision

Vision & Values


To be a leading investment firm and provide a full range of high-quality investment products and services to our clients while adhering to a strong set of corporate principles.

Our Corporate Values

  • 01
    Awraq Investments prioritizes the needs of our clients and we are committed to provide world-class customer service that meets client requirements and exceeds their expectations
  • 02
    We strongly believe in integrity where we treat all employees customers with respect, honesty, and fairness
  • 03
    We maintain loyalty to ourselves, to each others, to our customers and to the company
  • 04
    We aim to be pioneers by aggressively seeking out new opportunities to stay ahead of the competition and to see opportunity in adversity
  • 05
    We nurture creativity and encourage the ability to think outside the box
  • 06
    We uphold the highest ethical standards
  • 07
    We are firmly committed to build and develop local talent
  • 08
    We strive for excellence in everything we do
  • Compliance

    Awraq Investments activities are regulated by the Jordan Securities Commission (JSC) and the company strictly adheres to the prevailing law established in Jordan as well as the rules and regulations of the Amman Stock Exchange (ASE) and the Securities Depository Center (SDC). We apply thorough and consistent 'Know Your Client' and Customer Due Diligence principles and conduct our business in accordance with regulatory requirements as well as making sure to treat our customers with respect, honesty and fairness.
    One of our core values are to maintain the highest ethical standards in everything we do.


    Furthermore, we strive to combat money laundering and apply reasonable measures to obtain information that reveals the true identity of clients in order to assure legitimate activities. Awraq Investments has a written set of policies and procedures to combat money laundering and terrorist financing. We provide efficient training for all our employees to raise awareness on money laundering and assist them to identify any unusual or suspicious activity.

    Board of Directors

    Yazid Mufti
    Simona Sabella
    Yazid Ammari
    Maha Ababneh
    Reem Eses

    Executive Management

    Mr. Salameh Tayem
    General Manager
    Ms. Hanan Boulus
    Head of Finance and Operations
    Mr. Mohammad Daoudi
    Head of Local Brokerage
    Mr. Mutaz Jaradat
    Head of Regional and International Brokerage
    Ms. Hiba Hasweh
    Head of Customer Service and Marketing
    Ms. Rawan Rabadi
    Head of Human Resources and Administration
    Ms. Shereen Marmash
    Head of Compliance and Risk