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Asset Management Introduction

AWRAQ’s Asset Management Group professionals are dedicated to develop customized and optimal investment strategies for both individuals and institutions, by focusing on each client’s profile, financial goals, and risk tolerance through offering:
Discretionary Portfolio Management, Corporate Finance, Advisory services and innovative investment products covering a wide range of asset classes. Our philosophy is to establish long-term partnerships with both individual and institutional investors based on professionalism and integrity, resulting in superior returns to the parties involved. We are highly committed to serve the clients’ various needs based on honesty, transparency and trust.

Our goal is to continuously add value for clients through rigorous bottom-up and top-down fundamental analysis, seeking an absolute-return driven strategy by investing in the capital markets of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). We also provide our clients access to the world of fixed income products, with the coverage starting from the basics of plain vanilla bonds and Sukuks, to reach a variety of structured products and notes across the globe. Furthermore, we maintain an extensive experience in managing money market portfolios, being one of the pioneers in Jordan in providing such a service. The team, through well established relationships with counter-parties across the MENA region in general and Jordan in particular, is able to provide access to lucrative money market investment opportunities.



Investment Philosophy
Our investment strategy is based on performing rigorous due diligence on a universe covering a spectrum of sectors within economies with above-average growth prospects. The strategy is built upon a disciplined, yet flexible, long term approach to investing, which allows us to filter short term news, noise and emotions and determine the best course of action. Through maintaining an extensive coverage list and continuously researching and implementing the best evaluation models, the investment managers are able to respond in a timely manner to breaking news and development in the best interest of our clients. Our investment strategy is focused on capturing the most attractive investment opportunities across the region, while adhering to a defined risk management framework, which is a key element in portfolio design, issue selection and portfolio monitoring and attribution.

Research Introduction

The Research Department at Awraq publishes full-fledged research reports on the listed securities in the Jordanian and Regional  stock exchanges. The team strives to provide up-to-date informed insights and recommendations about companies with promising growth prospects over the long term, through utilizing the latest techniques to mold ideas and information into accurate and timely analysis and reports.

Daily Amman Stock Exchange (ASE) Reports

Daily Foreign Markets Reports

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E.g., 07/23/2024
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