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The customer’s right to make a complaint is an absolute right that is not restricted by any limitations or conditions that could obstruct the customer’s ability to make a complaint of any sort, as the company has provided all the means and tools that would allow all customers to file and deliver their complaints, including:

  • By mail
  • Compliance division /Customer’s Complaint Unit/ Head Office
  • P.O. Box 925102Amman 11110  Jordan
  • By e-mail:
  • Unit Toll phone: 5503808
  • Customer’s complaint boxes ( located at the company’s Headquarter )
  • By fax : 065503802  
  • In person


Time frame for handling customer’s complaints

The Customer’s Complaint Unit handles the customer’s complaint within 15 working days, which can be extended further based on the nature of the complaint without exceeding 30 working days according to the issued regulations, not counting within this waiting period  any extra days needed to provide any extra documents or supporting articles or any missing elements of the complaint that may be requested after receiving the complaint.

In the case where the customer is not convinced/satisfied with the company reply to the complaint, the customer can resort to Complaints unit at Cairo Amman Bank or to  the Central Bank of Jordan or Jordan Securities Commission or to the court of law.


For reporting a complaint to the Central Bank of Jordan Financial Consumer Protection, visit:


Note: The excluded complaints that shall not fall within the scope of the Customer’s Complaint Unit are:

  • Complaints related to labor or work unions issues.
  • Anonymous complaints that lacks the name or information of the complaining party .
  • Complaints related to money laundering or financing of terrorism issues.
  • Customers’ inquiries and suggestions.
  • Complaints that are (filed) in the court of law, or complaints for which the court has issued a legal sentence, while assuring that the complaining customer must pledge in writing to inform the service provider of escalating the complaint to the court of law, before receiving a reply to the complaint from the service provider.
  • Complaints that contain explicit abuse or complaints using threatening/offensive/slandering language or undertones